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Why take part?

Voice your opinion on protecting the ocean:

Exercise your right to influence ocean policy at the European level. Every voice counts! Voice for the Ocean allows everyone to express him/herself for the ocean about their views on the political measures to be adopted at the European level. Let's make our voice heard!

Position ocean conservative at the heart of the political debate:

2019 will be a crucial year for the future of the ocean. With Voice for the Ocean, Surfrider will act as a speaker box for citizens’ concerns at the 2019 European elections and challenge public officials to improve environmental regulations.

Develop a deeper understanding of ocean-related issues:

Voice For The Ocean explains complex environmental issues by communicating vital information in an accessible way with educational tools catered to the individual.

To begin the questionnaire, please tell us which profile you most relate with:


A water sports lover




Maritime expert


Interested citizen